Why Work With BJ

My Personal Philosophy


Navigating the multifaceted decisions needed in today’s real estate market requires an agent with experience, passion for what they do and professionalism.  Knowledge of the market place is always crucial, but having an agent who “walks their talk” with a caring attitude is what sets them apart from all of the rest.


I have a passion for my profession which effortlessly intertwines with my passion for rowing. As a US National and FISA World champion master’s rower, I know what it takes to achieve success on and off the water. Simply put, my work and sport are a huge and integral part of who I am and frankly, I cannot work any other way.  I can best explain this with four of my favorite words:


              Persistence: “the act or quality of persisting; the continuance of an effort after

it’s cause is removed; tenacity”.


For my buyers and my sellers, acquiring all the information and statistics to help them make informed and educated decisions is paramount for their success.  I love finding solutions to solve their needs while fulfilling their wants.  It takes someone with persistence and tenacity to help create the success they are looking for.


           Commitment: “the state of being committed; a pledge or promise; obligation

of engaging oneself”.


With a commitment to hard work and unsurpassed service, my clients know they have an advocate on their side. I ascribe to the highest ethical and professional standards and I am committed to guiding them wisely, educating them and protecting them during the buying and selling process. I hold myself accountable with a promise of good old-fashioned hard work on their behalf.

Dedication: “the act of dedication; the state of being dedicated; complete

and whole-hearted devotion”.

Putting my clients first and foremost, from their point of view, has created a passion and enthusiasm for my work.  Their goals are my goals; to help them achieve their dreams of home ownership with a dedicated belief that unsurpassed service, strong negotiation skills and experience will make those goals a reality.


                Teamwork: “cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons

acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause”.

To meet the expectations towards success it takes a team creating energy. This involves mutual respect and a high level of trust of all the parties involved.  Along with clear communication, attention to detail, ingenuity combined with integrity and a personal touch, your passion for finding your perfect home or selling for top market value can be realized!